• Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!
  • Livingston Players Live on stage!

The Livingston Players – Next Production


October Playfest – Amazing Opportunity!!

We are holding our very first cabaret style, comedy Playfest at Inveralmond High School Theatre on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th October from 7.30pm.
We would like to invite you to the read through and open auditions of our two, hilarious one act plays. These will be held in the North Barn on Sunday 29th July, 1-4pm.

Colin Mitchell will be directing Baby Sitting Calvin by John H Newmair.

Calvin, a ten-month old baby (acted by an adult), can still remember his previous life when he was happily married to Laura, despite the constant attentions of his womanising friend, Bob. When his single parent mum is persuaded by her sexy friend Donna to go out for the evening, he learns that his babysitter is none other than Laura! Alas, she has brought along a friend – lecherous Bob. Calvin sets about thwarting Bob’s licentious desires using every trick known to babies. Can Calvin prevent the unthinkable happening… without uttering a word?

The casting for this is as follows:
Baby (young appearance)
Bob (Lecherous 40s)
Katie (Pretty – young
Donna (Curvaceous – young)
Laura (Late 30’s/Early40’s)

Louise Fairnie will be directing Butter Side Up by Maggie Dealey.

Breakfast is served at Chuckfarthing House. Which is tough when you have hangover and you’re the one who has to serve it! Sally Applethwaite runs a Bed and Breakfast with her son Sam. She is supported by Charlie: “the orgasmic veg man” who is a very good friend who gives very good hugs but who possibly crossed a line last night and isn’t sure what to do about it. Into this mix come the guests … Miss Hartley, who would appear to be a thoroughly respectable citizen, mysterious Nem and the newly-weds.

Will the organic grapefruit be worth the wait?. Will the newly-weds ever make it down to breakfast? Will the past always come back to haunt you? Find out in this poignant comedy

The casting for this is as follows:

Sally Applethwaite – 34, proprietor of the B&B
Sam – 18, Sally’s son
Charlie – mid to late 50s the ‘organic veg’ man
Nem – 25, a non-British female guest at the B&B
Miss Hartley – mid to late 50s, another guest at the B&B

Please note that the stated ages are an approximation only and people with be cast on various factors.

This is an exciting opportunity for those who would like to get more experience in theatre, (onstage and backstage), work with two new directors, and perform in a one act play whether you are newbie or an old pro!

If you would like to come along, please let us know.

Livingston Players – the next Project
“A Bunch of Amateurs”

Jan 2019 (John Doonan, Director)

The play A Bunch of Amateurs is a wickedly funny comedy written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. They are the team that wrote Spitting Image, Harry Enfield’s TV Programme, Dawn French’s Murder Most Horrid, and many other comedy classics. So this play, “A Bunch of Amateurs” comes from comedy royalty, as the local amateur drama group engage a “star” to perform in their production of King Lear and thus save the theatre from closure.

It is a seven-hander, 4 females and 3 males, and all 7 roles are big. Here are they.

Jefferson Steel – a fading Hollywood star who is arrogant, insecure, brash, gauche, demanding, vulnerable, and ultimately aware of his own absurdity. A consistent American accent is needed for this role. He is central to the play and is on stage for virtually the entire play. Age-wise he should be somewhere between say 40 and 60.

Dorothy – director of the Stratford Players, the driving force behind keeping the theatre alive. Sweet, accommodating, but with backbone. Age range 30-50, she too is hardly ever off-stage.

Nigel – local solicitor, leading light of the Players, pompous, self-regarding, thinks he should get all the starring roles. Fancies Dorothy. Age 30-60, and hardly ever off-stage.

Mary – jolly, generous, and overwhelmed at meeting her idol, Jefferson. Probably somewhere between 40 and 60, she is on a lot, not a small part.

Dennis – handyman and village Mr Fixit. Slightly dull, he is star-struck by Jefferson. Gets a lot of the comedy one-liners. Age probably anywhere in the 40 -75 range.

Lauren – sponsor’s wife, former marketing exec and physiotherapist. Snappy dresser probably thirty-something. On in half of the scenes, so not a small part.

Jessica – Jefferson’s daughter, who has been neglected by him and is happy to make him pay. American accent, early 20s ish, lively, bold, a little feisty, not a small part.

So seven cracking roles in a cracking play.

Read through Monday 22 October 18 and auditions on Thursday 25 October 18
(Both are at Carmondean at 7:30pm)

- Bringing quality theatre to the local community.